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Stephanie Flanagan

We are a Team of REAL people achieving REAL GOALS!
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Michelle & Lance Smith
My husband and I are now able to work this
business from home together around
our four beautiful children.

Nicole & Dan Montez
Unexpectedly our first daughter Alexandra was diagnosed with a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis.

Stacey & Alec Huff
With the tools of this team in less than two
years we replaced two full time incomes and became completely debt free.

Kristie Jones
I am just one example of the many lives that are now completely changed by taking that chance with our team and company. 

Maureen Yiatrou
The system we have has made it easy to not only help ourselves, but also assist others in making their lives better.

Melanie & Greg Crowe
I was a Registered Nurse and wanted to be home full-time with my children.


Sanya Walker
It wasn't a significant investment of time, but I was persistent and felt confident that my business would grow.

Jennifer & Geoff Dockum
After years in the military we were able to replace my husband's income and bring him home by working with this team!

Stephanie Flanagan
This business has given us the opportunity for me to stay home with our son, without having to worry about our finances!

Kami & Gary Ricks
When our daughter was born, I made that commitment to be home, no matter what. My husband soon took a new job, hoping to make things easier. Three months later,
he was laid off.

Cyndee Barduson
3 days prior to flying to Belarus to adopt our daughter, my boss called and cut my hours from full time to 2 days a week which meant an annual decrease in salary of $20,000.

Wendy Wallace
I am a cancer survivor and wellness is really important to me.

Pamela & Tony Bennett
We had been in and out of several home businesses over the years and we knew that
we would find the right fit sooner or later.

Jen Coffel
I love what I do and I love my life.
I am on a mission to help others have the same!

Suzy Ashley
I've been able to pay off all of our adoption expenses, start saving for our children's
college and pay down on our mortgage.

MaryLou Loya
My husband and I have both replaced
our incomes and are able to
 be home with our kids.

Deborah & Rick Cox
After the birth of our daughter, my
15 year postal career no longer mattered.
I was able to retire from that career
because of our team and company.

Cortney Copley


Jennifer Wealer
I loved my job as a kindergarten teacher but hated leaving my 1 year old daughter at daycare each day.

Kelly Schwartfigure
I had worked in Corporate America
for over 15 years in the accounting field.

Jen Baird
I was a single mom, living paycheck to paycheck with a daughter suffering terribly from allergies and asthma.

Natalie & Ben Hill
My business is growing so fast and it will last a lifetime.

Olivia Smith
 My hours are flexible and on a part time basis my income keeps increasing thanks to the power of residual income!

Susan Leonard
 I get to schedule my time around my family’s needs and schedules.

Michelle McFarland
Former Kindergarten teacher now enjoying all the blessings of working from home.

Dionne Prins
 I don't miss anything that is important to me and my family.

Andi Page
This team and company has changed our lives and our children's futures forever!

Martha Hillin
I have replaced my full-time income and i am living my dream of raising my 3 children.  

Cindy & Geoff Strole
This business has allowed us to be in control of our own life and reach goals that we never thought would be possible.

In Memory of  Beth Dettore
I am a wife and a mom of a three year old little girl. I have built a very successful business in spite of severe health complications due to Diabetes ranging from dialysis three days a week and a recent leg amputation. Anyone can build this business with no excuses!

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